Lauri Ahonen

I create illustrations and 3D models to specifications.

I work as a freelancer, typically with art directors and project managers within a team.

If my work impresses, get in touch. I usually respond fast.


With over a decade of experience in the creative industry, I am a 3D Modeler with a strong background in illustration, digital art, and game asset creation. My expertise extends from the world of advertising to the gaming industry.

Illustration: I've had the privilege of working with leading Finnish ad agencies such as TBWA, N2, and Bob the Robot. My work has encompassed creating storyboards, pitch graphics, sketches, and illustrations for print and mobile platforms. My ability to combine classical drawing and painting techniques with a keen understanding of anatomy, form, and lighting has been invaluable in delivering top-notch visuals for various projects.

3D Asset Creation: In addition to traditional illustration, I have crafted 3D assets for both mobile and console games. I've honed my expertise from concepting and sculpting to meticulous attention to topology, retopo, texturing, and adhering to specific technical requirements for different platforms.

Graphic Design: With a Master's degree in graphic design, I possess a solid foundation in layout and typography. This skill set has proven indispensable in crafting visually captivating and impactful designs across diverse media platforms, while also equipping me with a deep understanding of different styles and the nuances of visual communication.

Web Development: Beyond visual design, I have the technical prowess to create custom WordPress sites, including coding my own themes. I also have experience in frontend development.

I take pride in my reliability and knack for meeting tight deadlines, even when tasks come in with short notice. I excel in various scenarios, whether it's working independently, spearheading projects to fruition, or collaborating within a team.

Whether you're seeking a creative collaborator for your gaming project or a versatile designer to elevate your advertising materials, I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical proficiency to the table.

glue home space
Various 3D assets for Glue Home Space
Glue Home Space
CLIENT: Glue Collaboration
 |  AGENCY: Fake Production Oy

Glue is a virtual platform for teams who need remote meetings to be as great as face-to-face meetings.

Home space is the starting place of the platform, a virtual lobby that you move to other spaces from.
I created several furniture and decoration assets, their LOD's, textures and shaders.

As most VR devices are equivalent to mobile devices in processing power, good topology and low polycount was essential.

Architecture: Ville Vaajakallio
Vr avatars: Joona Pääkkönen, Mikko Norteva

Real-time 3d characters for Icy North Games Oy
CLIENT: Past Fate
 |  AGENCY: Icy North Games

Realtime 3D assets composed of around 35k triangles for Icy North Games.

My pipeline was zBrush to Maya to Substance 3D.

pocket paws
A set of 3d characters for mobile commissioned by ARGH Oy
CLIENT: Pocket Paws

3D Assets for a canceled mobile game Pocket Paws.

All animals had the same topology and uv's, because the animals had to be able to morph into one another.

A 132-page full color comic book, published in seven countries
CLIENT: Egmont Kustannus
 |  AGENCY: Egmont Kustannus

A 132 pages long comic book published in over seven countries and rewarded with Comics Finlandia, Gran Guinigi and Vuoden Huippu for illustration.

Matte paintings and a poster for a film ad for Pohjola Oy
CLIENT: Pohjola Oy
 |  AGENCY: Hasan&Partners Oy

A short film by Dangercastle for Pohjola Oy Ab, with Hasan&Partners as the agency. The film featured a 7-year old girl whose dream had always been to be a superhero, and the film made that into a reality.

I did four matte paintings for the film, which were a combination of 3D modeling and digital painting. I also did a poster for the film.

le bullet
Print ad illustration for a wine brand
Le Bullet
CLIENT: Viinitie Oy
 |  AGENCY: Marko Muona Oy

A print ad illustration in the style of Alphonse Mucha for Le Bullet champagne.

Several seasonal adaptations of the illustration were made.

seven brothers
A parallax scroll illustration plus characters for a website
CLIENT: Nurmijärven Museo
 |  AGENCY: Melon Arbus

A parallax scrolling landscape illustration and some vector illustrations for

The forest landscape illustration is divided into nine levels, that move while the user scrolls the page.

apartment captain
A short comic for vahanen
CLIENT: Vahanen Oy

A b-to-b direct marketing campaign implemented as a short comic leaflet.

Apartment Captain is a service marketed to housing managers.

Inked and colored comic pages for the Erfworld webcomic
CLIENT: Erfworld LLC
 |  AGENCY: Erfworld LLC

An assortment of inked and colored comic pages for the defunct webcomic Erfworld.

Altogether I inked and colored roughly two hundred pages.

pirate woman
A real-time 3d character, around 20k polys
CLIENT: Myself
 |  AGENCY: Myself

A 65k triangle 3D model for real time use. Made for fun and practice.

A series of illustrations for Dronningholm's line of jams
CLIENT: Dronningholm
 |  AGENCY: Family Zeeland

Illustrations for labels for a series of jams by Dronningholm.

The illustration style was loosely modeled after the style of vintage finnish educational posters.

Illustrations for Atria print campaign
CLIENT: Atria Oy

Atria had a print campaign featuring different chicken recipes. They were illustrated with a chicken character that fit the theme of the recipe, accompanied with it's ingredients.

lidl pool
An anamorphic floor sticker for LIDL
 |  AGENCY: FLC Helsinki

An anamorphic illustration, or an illustration done in a skewed perspective that looks natural from the right angle.

This illustration was placed on the floor before the metro stairs in Helsinki.

A series of illustrations for Kennelliitto
CLIENT: Kennelliitto

Illustrations in celebration of finnish dog breeds for an ad published at the time of Finland's 100-year celebration.

The illustration style was loosely modeled after the style of vintage finnish educational posters.

A scrolling background for a browser game
CLIENT: Veikkaus
 |  AGENCY: Anima Boutique

A background illustration for the browser game Kalabaliikki by Veikkaus. The background scrolls slowly forward while the fish swim on top of it.

khl ice challenge
An illustration and a 3D rendering for print ads

A print ad illustration and a 3d illustration for an ice hockey match between the russian team SKA and the finnish team Jokerit.

The match was played in a temporary outdoor arena in Kaisaniemi park.

fazer christmas display
3D printed Xmas display
 |  AGENCY: Zeeland Family

Chocolate 3D characters, trees and animals 3d-printed for a christmas display by Fazer in Stockmann department store in Helsinki.

"Lauri Ahonen is a top level professional; gets your idea instantaneously, adds value with his own ideas, works fast and produces excellent results."

Jan Jernvall, Creative, Hasan&Partners

"I have worked with Lauri for several years on several projects and will continue to do so. He's fast, insightful and very talented in many things."

Marko Muona, Creative Director / Entrepreneur